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Why won't You Tube video play or start on mobile (i Phone 6S/7/8 Plus, Android), Mac or Windows PC?The reasons may be uncontrollable, for example, the problem of the source video.Long gone are the days when you could press your browser’s refresh button 1,000 times a day to get your view count up.In order to calculate views accurately, You Tube can’t display views in real time all the time because of the system.Unfortunately, sometimes one or more of those patches will cause a problem, ranging from serious ones like error messages preventing Windows from starting to less serious ones like video or audio problems.If you're confident that the problem you're experiencing began only after one or more Windows updates, whether manual, automatic, on Patch Tuesday, or otherwise, continue reading for help on what to do next.To get your computer running again, you need to understand how this troubleshooting is organized, as well as make sure that your problem really was most likely caused by a Windows update.I wouldn't normally explain to use a troubleshooting guide, but since you have the great fortune of a theory about the cause of your problem, the help I provide below is structured a bit differently than other tutorials I've created where you work through some other problem with a completely unknown cause. Even if you're 100% certain that an update from Microsoft caused the problem you're having, do me a favor and read it anyway.

Recently I have observed as well as experienced some issues or bottlenecks in the new OS, which I am listing below for your reference: 1.However, you can see real time views using the You Tube Analytics tool.You Tube got wise to the refresh button issue a long time ago.If you’ve ever wondered how views are counted on You Tube, then you probably are worried that your video isn’t getting the amount of hits you projected.In response to video marketing strategies and other view skewing tactics, Counting views used to be more casual and basically counted every time a page was loaded.

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I request ASUS or the concerned technical team to: Dear Asus team, I Have the same problem as faced by Mr. Moreover I will add, the camera images are without date on it. What's next app make sure show weather option is set to ''always'' and the notification should be tick marked. second, permission should be set to enable access for OTG.

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