Who was k michelle dating that beat her up

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Michelle admitting that the domestic abuse she suffered at the hands of her former flame during the K.Michelle Memphitz feud was exaggerated for television, and that reports of Memphitz stealing money from her were also overblown. Michelle Memphitz feud seemed to come to an end, when the pair appeared to mend fences five years after their acrimonious split. in a Memphis hotel room in 2009; this past weekend, though, K. Michel'le -- an R&B singer who now appears on the show "R&B Divas: Los Angeles" -- was a guest on "The Breakfast Club" Friday morning, when the topic turned to Dre. and gave out a laundry list of her injuries for the world to hear.

That said, one hip hop star has made the rounds, appearing on the crazy Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta before flying north to liven up its more yawn worthy original New York counterpart. And to be honest with you, no one knows the truth only the people in that room. Michelle: My Life,” the singer dropped a bombshell revelation: She had an abortion after her relationship with basketball player Bobby Maze fizzled. I’m sick, throwing up, laying on the floor needing you to be there.” K.“Bobby tells me he has only one child…I later find out there’s four f**king babies. ” She sat down with Maze and broke down into tears as the two tried to reconcile. “I never thought that was something that I would do at this point in my life, and when that decision was made…I beat myself up really bad,” she said.Michel'le, early 90's R&B singer and ex-fiancée of Dr. Dre's 'Compton': 5 Things We Learned In the new interview, Michel'le seems complacent about her omission from the film, telling Vlad the film is "Cube's version of his life."When told that Dr.Dre, spoke about her relationship with the now-billionaire producer in a new interview with Vlad TV. Dre also executive produced the film, she replied, "Why would [Dr.] Dre put me in it?

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And he said, 'I’ll never hit you in that eye again, okay?