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tells the story of the monarch at "50 years old, past childbearing, but with her greatest challenges – the Spanish Armada, the execution of Mary, Queen of Scots and relentless plotting among her courtiers – still to come".The biography is billed as a "gripping and vivid portrait of her life and times, often told in her own words", revealing "a woman who is fallible, increasingly insecure, and struggling to lead Britain".However, with the merciful distance of time – and having allowed the relentless taunts from Mark Trevelyan to subside – we can recognise they were unique.

Worst moment of the campaign for Hillary, no doubt.The classic high school film – and, yes, more often than not it is the American high school experience that we see at the cinema – is a Hollywood staple. Yes, it’s set in a very definitive place and time – Austin, Texas; 1976 – but this archetypal high school film speaks to everyone who has ever passed through the school gates. Rebellion, sex, drugs, sports, dictatorial authority, bizarre initiation ceremonies and, erm, woodwork all feature in this iconic Richard Linklater picture.School is not about education, feeding the imagination or providing children with the skills necessary to succeed in life.Mr Conway is a partner at the corporate law firm Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz, where he has worked for 28 years.He is currently a partner in the firm's litigation department.

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