Second life login failed updating friends list

Posted by / 15-Nov-2017 11:49

Second life login failed updating friends list

Singularity Viewer is an exciting client for Second Life and Open Sim, which strives to combine the beloved look and feel of Viewer 1.23 with the latest and greatest of available technology, and to stay compatible with future Second Life changes and features.

This past year has been a tumultuous one for our team, one of our developers passed away, another one left to pursue other interests, we were hampered in our ability to update and test the viewer by a lack of infrastructure and hardware issues.

Unfortunately, as part of this required toolchain update, some older platforms have become too burdensome if not impossible to support.

On the upside, thanks to these newer language features we can write better code and get better performance for the viewer.

In addition to the Release Highlights above, this version of Imprudence also includes the following changes, as compared to Imprudence 1.3.0 beta 1.

For a full list of changes in past versions, please see the release notes for those versions.

This version is, and from now on the first two digits of our versions (in this case 5.0) will reflect the version of the LL viewer it is in parity with. Live performances and great gifts as always, announcement to follow later this week!It also adds the ability to change the profile and pick pictures and find them in your inventory if already set.Inventory backup can save snapshots and textures in addition to notecards and scripts.This seems to be pretty much pointless as those information is already obtained by another way.Related commits: They will prevent from calling cards actually being created inside the "Friends" - "All" folder (and the folder structure being created on new accounts).

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There are some highlights below, but first a quick reminder: If you’re currently using version 4.7.5, you have three weeks to update to any of our more recent releases (5.0.1 recommended and supported; 4.7.9 and 4.7.7 permitted) before your viewer will be blocked.