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Katy Horwood, a dating and relationship expert, told uk: “Online dating can be a fantastic way of connecting with other singles…

However, it can be a double-edged sword.“While choice, and the abundance of it, can be a good thing when looking for a relationship, it can also be overwhelming and create a culture of thinking there’s always something better around the corner.”But there are ways to wade through the masses and find the perfect match, according to Jack Knowles, the founder of dating app Temptr.

Despite questions as to whether or not technology is ruining romance and contributing to the demise of the love letter, posed by Psychology Today blogger, Azadeh Aalai, Ph.

D., professor of psychology at Montgomery College, social dating is on the rise.

Once upon time, logging on to a computer in search of cupid’s arrow was deemed desperate and used only by the minority.

Thankfully, in today’s society the stigma has nearly disappeared and thousands of Britons are screening potential suitors through their computer screens.

If their arm is around the same person over-and-over again, enjoy your digital friendship," she adds.

Still, I remained gun-shy—thanks to overexposure to online dating’s downside.

After all, according to, the dating services business is now a .1 billion industry in the U. alone, with niche websites gobbling up ever-larger slices of that pie.

According to a recent study, more than a third (35 per cent) of coupled Brits met their lovers online.

But the increased popularity means increased competition, and many more options.

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