Dating a manic depressive woman

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Dating a manic depressive woman

I wondered, feared, if this is how people felt about me. She had an opinion, or at least a feeling, about everything. When bipolar people meet, we find an immigrant intimacy, a solidarity. I don’t think this is just because of mood swings, but because manic types often wreck their lives.

Some of Ella's opinions seemed hyperbolic, her actions extreme, like dancing naked on the college green or flicking off cop cars. If you treat people badly, they won't want to be near you.

Everybody on the show was wonderful to me, but my contract wasn’t renewed for the final season.

It is very hard to know that your spouse has sex with other people, becomes infatuated with other people, and can even turn against the people that love them most. However, the reason they are unbearable is that they conflict so strongly with expectations.

So you have two choices: moderate the behaviors and/or moderate the expectations.

I didn’t know what he was talking about or how it could apply to me, so I just continued with my life.

A year later I was in New York City catching up with loved ones when I unexpectedly had a fit in my hotel—yelling, throwing things, crying and raising enough hell that the staff called an ambulance.

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